Additional information settings

Minimum number of minutes a vehicle isn't moving before displaying the waiting time

Range for Near Stops in meters

Display Settings

Viewport width (smaller values make fonts larger on mobile)

Maximum number of predictions per stop.

Maximum arrival time for predictions in minutes.

Position for high priority messages

Position for medium priority messages

Position for low priority messages

Position for messages without a priority

Position for elevator and accessability messages

Default Range for tracking

Time Format Settings

Time zone for time display

Schedule Settings

Minutes after a route is scheduled to end to still show on route list

Minutes before a route is scheduled to start to start showing on route list

Prediction Settings

Low range percentile for travel time predictions (0 lowest, 50 median, 100 highest)

High range percentile for travel time predictions

Maximum time to look for history based predictions in seconds

Notification Settings

Activate notifications here.

Default arrival time

Notification expirary in minutes

Default minimum Tidbyt prediction time

Destination Settings

Refresh Settings

Number to automatic page refreshes

Seconds between automatic refresh

Map Settings

Map type

Leaflet base map source. Mapbox options are less private.

Maximum number of vehicles shown on map per stop

Maximum arrival time to be shown on map in minutes

Map image size in pixels

Settings are saved in a cookie (but the cookie isn't a unique id).

View for predictions

Once the view has been set individual details can be added or removed in the settings.

Settings (enable more features)

Stops near me by GPS going North East South West

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