About Load Factor

The Load percentage that appears on predictions is an estimate of how full the vehicle is by comparing how long it’s been since the previous vehicle reached each stop (gap) to the scheduled time between vehicles (headway). These values are averaged for each stop the vehicle has been to since the beginning of the trip. 100% doesn’t mean the vehicle will be full, but the number of passengers should be close to the amount the vehicle would be expected to have if everything ran on schedule. If the vehicle is normally lightly used or near the beginning of its route, there could be room at 200%.

This feature is mainly useful for when two or more vehicles at approaching your stop at almost the same time. You can use it to tell ahead of time which one was the lead one for most of the trip and which one was the follower and likely has more room.

This factor does not appear for vehicles that have not started their trip to your stop and for transit agencies that do not have TransSee vehicle tracking. It does not work for MTA subway or Metro North.

It is a premium feature. It see it on all route prediction you must be a premium user. For regular users it does appear for predictions for routes with premium features, such as TTC streetcars or LA Metro Rail.

It can be disabled in the settings.

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