Set up notifications

When you activate this feature a notify button will appear for each prediction. You select the number of minutes and click the notify button. When the bus reaches that number of minutes to your stop you will receive a notification.

Email notifications will send a single email. Web notifications will be updated with the latest prediction until it is closed or the vehicle arrives. For Premium users and routes with premium features the Monitor option will show the next vehicle's prediction until the notification is closed, even when a vehicle arrives.

To enable TransSee notifications you have to do a one time set up.

Email notifications

Enter email address:

An email will be sent with a link that will set a cookie and enable notifications to be sent to that address.

Web push notifications

Notifications will only be sent based on your specific requests, not for marketing.

After selecting the radio button, enable notifications with the icon on the url bar and click the "Set up notifications" button below. If the button does not become enabled, try refreshing the page and clicking the radio button again. Requires iOS 16.4 to work on iPhone.

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