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Agencies » Vernon Regional Transit System

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1: Vehicle 3131054008 on route 7-Okanagan Landing 6:00 behind towards Ok Landing past Tronson 6900 blck

2: Vehicle 3131059276 on route 90-UBCO towards Ubco - To Vernon at Downtown Exchange

3: Vehicle 3131059316 on route 90-UBCO 1:52 ahead of towards Ubco - To Vernon aprchg Downtown Exchange

4: Vehicle 3131054058 on route 6-College 0:05 behind towards Downtown- Via Hospital at 24 Ave on 34 St

5: Vehicle 3131054009 on route 1-Coldstream 0:23 ahead of towards Coldstream- Downtown aprchg 14 Ave on Kal Lake

6: Vehicle 3131054012 on route 3-North End via Alexis Park 4:01 behind towards Downtown- Via Alexis Park aprchg 35 St on Centennial

7: Vehicle 3131054011 Waiting 8:23. on route 2-Pleasant Valley 0:08 behind towards Pleasant Valley at 26 St on 39 Ave

8: Vehicle 3131054014 Waiting 6:32. on route 3-North End via Alexis Park 2:07 behind towards North End- Anderson Way- Via Alexis Park at Downtown Exchange

9: Vehicle 3131052864 on route 61-Lumby 1:52 behind towards Lumby- Via Lavington aprchg Downtown Exchange

10: Vehicle 3131054015 on route 9-North End 0:56 behind towards North End at Village Green Centre

11: Vehicle 3131054010 on route 60-Enderby 1:01 behind towards Vernon past Okanagan on Rosedale

12: Vehicle 3131052803 on route 25-Shopper's Shuttle 5:21 behind towards 25 Shopper's Shuttle past Piccadilly Mall

13: Vehicle 3131052745 on route 23-Canoe 8:42 behind towards Canoe past 6540 Blk on 50 St NE

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