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Agencies » Roanoke Valley Metro

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1: Vehicle 2006 Waiting 10:06:25. Empty on route 71 - 3rd St Station to Lewis Gale Hospital 3:50 behind going Lewis Gale Medical Center aprchg Skating Center on Brandon WB Last seen 10:06:25

2: Vehicle 2007 Waiting 14:12:28. Many Seats Available on route 25- 3rd St Station to Airport 7:56 behind going 25 - Third Street Station to Airport past Hollins/John Richardson (Food Lion Driveway) on Plantation NB Last seen 14:12:28

3: Vehicle 2203 Waiting 22:04. Empty on route Smart Way Commuter 33:33 behind going Smart Way Roanoke to Blacksburg past Roanoke Amtrak Station

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