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1: Vehicle 1031 Empty on route 14-Edinboro 8:07 behind towards Penn West - D. Town
at Pogue Student Center

2: Vehicle 2171 Many Seats on route 32-Westlake 9:37 behind towards W4 - W8 - Airport
at Erie Intl Airport

3: Vehicle 1032 Empty on route 29-Asbury 6:22 behind towards W18 - W26 - Imbc
at Caughey Rd on W 26th St

4: Vehicle 2166 Empty on route 28-Erie Heights 3:31 ahead of towards Erie Heights - Caughey - Agility
at Highland Rd on W 32nd St

5: Vehicle 1954 Many Seats on route 31-Frontier 19:58 behind towards W4 - W 12 - Airport
at W. 6th & Chestnut

6: Vehicle 2056 Many Seats on route 30-West Millcreek 11:31 behind towards Legion - Giant Eagle - D.Town
at Giant Eagle (Yorktown Center)

7: Vehicle 1344 Few Seats on route 3-Peach Street 2:37 ahead of towards Cherrry - D. Town
at Millcreek Mall

8: Vehicle 1342 Few Seats on route 3-Peach Street 10:10 behind towards Cherry-M.Mall-Summitt
aprchg Millcreek Mall

9: Vehicle 0923 Empty on route 4-Liberty Street 9:38 behind towards To M.Mall
at W Grandview opp Conway St

10: Vehicle 1029 Empty on route 261-WEST COUNTY - BPS 7:36 behind going West County - Bps
at E. 14TH & HOLLAND

11: Vehicle 1748 Many Seats on route 27-State Street 13:32 behind towards State- Va-Presque Isle Downs
at VA Medical Center

12: Vehicle 2061 Empty on route 28-Erie Heights 3:44 behind towards Agility - W 29 - D. Town
at W 25th St on Myrtle St

13: Vehicle 1347 Many Seats on route 3-Peach Street 1:44 behind towards Peach - M.Mall - Summitt
at 18TH & STATE

14: Vehicle 1338 Many Seats on route 3-Peach Street 43:38 behind towards Peach To D. Town
past Shell Gas Station on Robinson Rd

15: Vehicle 1955 Many Seats on route 25-Wesleyville 3:44 behind towards Behrend To Downtown
at 7th & French

16: Vehicle 1339 Many Seats on route 29-Asbury 1:05 behind towards Imbc - W26 - W18 - D.Town
aprchg E 5th St (Bus Shelter) on State St

17: Vehicle 2170 Many Seats on route 26-E 26th Street 3:41 behind towards E. 26th - Behrend
past Intermodal Transit Center

18: Vehicle 2165 Many Seats on route 25-Wesleyville 0:06 ahead of towards Wesleyville - Buffalo - Saltsman
at Brandes OB on Buffalo

19: Vehicle 2062 Many Seats on route 22-Tacoma 0:10 ahead of towards D.Town - Walmart Elm Street
at Payne Ave on Atkins St

20: Vehicle 1033 Empty on route 26-E 26th Street 3:13 behind towards Behrend- E26 - D.Town
past Florence Ave on E 28th St

21: Vehicle 2167 Many Seats on route 24-McClelland 5:19 behind towards D. Town - 41st & Rice
aprchg Fairmont Prkwy on Broad St

22: Vehicle 2169 Empty on route 22-Tacoma 5:41 behind towards Tacoma - D.Town
at Atkins St on Payne Ave

23: Vehicle 2057 Many Seats on route 21-Lawrence Park 2:12 behind towards G.Eagle Harborcreek - 7th & French
at Tyndall Ave on Iroquois Ave

24: Vehicle 2377 Empty on route 105-Corry Loop 1:53 behind towards Corry Loop
at Corry Industrial Park

25: Vehicle 1336 Empty on route 16-North East 16:28 ahead of going Northeast

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