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1: Vehicle 8013 Many Seats on route 2 Orange 2:55 behind going 2 Orange 2 Alamance Community Col 2 Via Maple/Harden Sts
past Plaza Drive on ACC Dillingham Center

2: Vehicle 8008 Empty on route 4 Green 1:58 ahead of going 4 Green 3 North Park Library 3 Via W. Davis St
at Glen Raven Mills (Outbound) on Cadiz Street

3: Vehicle 8010 Empty on route 3 Blue 1:58 ahead of going 3 Blue 3 Gibsonville/Harper Sr Ctr 3 Via Elon & Church St
at Church Street@ Huffman Mill/Harris Teeter

4: Vehicle 8014 Empty on route 5 Purple 1:50 behind going 5 Purple 3 North Park Library 3 Via N. Mebane St
aprchg Queen Anne Street (outbound) on N. Mebane St.

5: Vehicle 8012 Many Seats on route 1 Red 1:25 behind going 1 Red 1 Alamance Regional 1 Medical Ctr 1 Via S. Mebane St
past Saintsbury Dr. / Food Lion (outbound) on S. Mebane Street

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