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Ojai Ave @ Arcade
Ojai Ave at Signal
Ojai Ave at Canada
Ojai Ave at Bristol
Y Memorial Garden
El Roblar @ Roth Apts
El Roblar at Lomita
El Roblar at Encinal
El Roblar at La Luna
Lomita at La Luna
Rice at Camille
Rice at Fierro
Rice at El Sereno Estates
Rice at Hwy 150 NW Corner
Rice at HELP of Ojai
Rice at Woodland
Woodland at Hwy 33
Hwy 33 @ Red Horse Plaza
Hwy 33 @ Wendy's
Loma @ Mira Valle MH Park
Loma at El Centro
La Luna @ Fire Station
El Roblar at La Luna (Eastbound)
El Roblar at Encinal (Eastbound)
El Roblar @ Ace
El Roblar at St Thomas
Nordhoff HS
Maricopa Hwy @ Vons
Ojai at Country Club
Ojai @ Bank of America
Matilija @ Arcade Plaza
Montgomery at Aliso
Grand at Montgomery
Grand at Drown
Grand at Park
Grand at Gridley
Ojai Ave at Gridley
Ojai Ave @ Casa Ojai
Ojai Ave at Golden West
Whispering Oaks
Ojai Ave @ Westridge Mkt
Park at Ride
Ojai Ave @ Arcade

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