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Outbound to Harper Junior High SchoolCounterclockwise to UCD MU
5th Street at D Street / Downtown (EB)Memorial Union at Main Island (NB)
5th St at G St (EB)5th Street at D Street / Downtown (EB)
5th Street at K Street (EB)5th St at G St (EB)
5th St at Pole Line Rd/D.M.V (EB)5th Street at K Street (EB)
Pole Line Rd at Cowell Blvd (SB)5th St at Pole Line Rd/D.M.V (EB)
Lillard Drive at Cowell Blvd (EB)Pole Line Rd at Cowell Blvd (SB)
Lillard Drive at Evans Ct (EB)Lillard Drive at Cowell Blvd (EB)
Lillard at Drummond (EB)Lillard Drive at Evans Ct (EB)
Drummond at Albany (NB)Lillard at Drummond (EB)
Cowell Blvd at Drummond Avenue (EB)Drummond at Albany (NB)
Cowell Blvd at Ohlone Street (EB)Cowell Blvd at Drummond Avenue (EB)
Cowell Blvd at La Vida Way (EB)Cowell Blvd at Ohlone Street (EB)
Cowell Blvd at Ensenada Drive (EB)Cowell Blvd at La Vida Way (EB)
Cowell Blvd at Sunrise Court (EB)Cowell Blvd at Ensenada Drive (EB)
Mace Blvd at Cowell Blvd/El Macero/Nugget (NB)Cowell Blvd at Sunrise Court (EB)
Mace Blvd at 2nd St (NB)Mace Blvd at Cowell Blvd/El Macero/Nugget (NB)
Alhambra at Atlantis / Arroyo (WB)Mace Blvd at 2nd St (NB)
Alhambra Drive at Atlantis / Carcia (WB)Covell Blvd at Wright Blvd (WB)
Alhambra Drive at 5th St (WB)Covell Blvd at Pole Line Rd (WB)
Alhambra Drive at Loyola Drive (WB)Covell Blvd at J St (WB)
Covell Blvd at Mace Blvd/Harper Junior High (EB)F St at Covell Blvd (SB)
14th St at F St (WB)
14th St at B St/Library (WB)
14th St at Davis High School (WB)
14th St at Oak St (WB)
Villanova Drive at Reed Drive (WB)
Anderson Rd at Villanova Drive (NB)
Anderson Rd at Hanover Drive/Anderson Plaza/SaveMart (NB)
Covell Blvd at Sycamore Lane/Marketplace (WB)
Covell Blvd at John Jones Rd/Sutter Hospital (WB)
Covell Blvd at Shasta Drive (WB)
Lake Blvd at Covell Blvd (SB)
Lake Blvd at Oyster Bay (SB)
Arlington Blvd at Lake Blvd (SB)
Arlington Blvd at Cabot St (SB)
Arlington Blvd at Shasta Drive (SB)
Arlington Blvd at Westernesse/Emerson Junior High (SB)
Arlington Blvd at Bucklebury Rd (SB)
Russell at Arthur (EB)
Russell Blvd at Sycamore Lane/Trader Joe's (EB)
Memorial Union Terminal at Howard Way (NB)

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.