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 •  Route 2 - Southbound

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Temiskaming Hospital
Great Northern Family Health
Shepherdson Rd at Bolger Ave
Shepherdson Rd at McCamus Ave
Whitewood Ave at Golding St
Whitewood Ave at Edith St
Whitewood Ave at Niven St
Whitewood Ave at Mary St
Whitewood Ave at Armstrong St
Whitewood Ave at May St
Armstrong St at Elm Ave
Armstrong St at Haliburton Ave
Temiskaming Plaza
HWY 65 at Wilson Ave
Temiskaming Plaza
Armstrong St North
Armstrong at Haliburton
Armstrong St at Church St
Whitewood Ave at Wellington St
Market Street
Lakeshore Rd at Broadwood Ave
Lakeshore Rd at Beach Blvd
Lakeshore Rd at Radley Hill Rd
Lakeshore South Lions Park
Ferguson Ave at Browning St
Northern College
Rorke Ave at Main St
Georgina Ave at Blackwall St
Georgina Ave at Little St
Lawlor St at Georgina Ave
Meridian Ave at Algonquin Dr
Haileybury Medical Centre
Rorke Ave at Morissette Dr
Carter Blvd at Rorke Ave
Carter Blvd at Silver St
Carter Blvd at Lakeview St
Lakeview Ave at Queen St
King St at First St
Mileage 104
Lang at Russel
Lang St at Ferland Ave
Lang St at Watson Place
Argentite St at Silver Lane
Silver St at Prospect Ave
Prospect Ave at Nickel St
A reminder to riders to wear a mask, practice physical distancing and spread out as much as possible Started Aug 11 2020

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