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 •  1-Dixie Hwy/Florence

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The Dixie Hwy/Florence I Route(s) will operate Detour as the result of Construction starting 6/6/2024. Started Jun 5 Until Jun 29
The Dixie Hwy/Florence O Route(s) will operate Detour as the result of Construction starting 6/6/2024. Started Jun 5 Until Jun 29
4th at WalnutFlorence Hub
Race at 3rdMall at Plaza
Bakewell at 3rdMall at Cayton
Covington Transit CenterMall at Village at the Mall
Scott at 5thMerchants at Doering
Scott at 6thDoering at Florence Walmart
Pike at WashingtonTed Bushelman at Doering
Pike at HolmanMeijer at Woodspoint
Pike at MainSpiral at Meijer
Pike at Simon KentonSpiral at Turfway Commons
Pike at LewisSpiral at Beckfield College
Pike at MontagueThoroughbred at Turfway
Dixie at ArlingtonHansel at Richman
Dixie at St JosephSt Elizabeth Florence
Dixie at St JamesSteeple Chase at Turfway
Dixie at Sleepy HollowTurfway at Burlington
Dixie at AshwoodTurfway at Crown Court Apts
Dixie at FortsideTurfway at Lloyd
Dixie at St JohnsDixie at Turfway
Dixie at Fort MitchellDixie at Eastern
Dixie at Expressway PlazaDixie at Cave Run
Dixie at HighlandDixie at Main
Dixie at Pleasant RidgeDixie at Forest
Dixie at ButtermilkDixie at Garvey
Dixie at LakesideDixie at Stevenson
Dixie at HudsonDixie at Hallam
Dixie at LaneDixie at Erlanger Town Center
Dixie at Lookout FarmDixie at Kenton Lands
Dixie at Crestview Hills Town CenterDixie at Edgewood
Dixie at EdgewoodDixie at Crestview Hills Town Center
Dixie at Kenton LandsDixie at Whitehouse
Dixie at Silverlake PlazaDixie at Geisen
Dixie at HallamDixie at Turkeyfoot
Dixie at CommonwealthDixie at Lakeside
Dixie at McAlpinDixie at Orphanage
Dixie at ForestDixie at Pleasant Ridge
Dixie at SunsetDixie at Highland
Dixie at Cave RunDixie at Expressway Plaza
Dixie at KentabooDixie at Fort Mitchell
Dixie at TurfwayDixie at St Johns
Turfway at DrexelDixie at Fortside
Turfway at CurtisDixie at Ashwood
Steeple Chase at TurfwayDixie at Sleepy Hollow
St Elizabeth FlorenceDixie at Hilton
Hansel at RichmanDixie at St Joseph
Thoroughbred at TurfwayDixie at Arlington
Spiral at Beckfield CollegePike at Montague
Spiral at Turfway CommonsPike at Hermes
Spiral at MeijerPike at Bullock
Meijer at WoodspointPike at Simon Kenton
Ted Bushelman at DoeringPike at Lee
Doering at Florence WalmartPike at Holman
Merchant at Doering8th at Russell
Mall at Village at the Mall8th at Washington
Mall at Florence SquareMadison at 7th
Mall at CaytonMadison at 6th
Mall at PlazaMadison at 4th
Florence HubCovington Transit Center
4th at Madison
4th at Johnson
4th at Walnut

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