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7 Bermuda Dunes/Indian Wells7 Lquinta
Calle Madrid at Avn VallejoHarris at Washington
Avn Obregon at Calle MadridWashington at Ave 41
Avn Obregon at Calle ColimaWashington at Hovley
Avn Obregon at Calle EnsenadaWashington at Dudley
Avn Obregon at Calle DurangoWashington at Fred Waring
Calle Sinaloa at Avn HerreraMiles at Washington
Calle Sinaloa at Avn MendozaAdams at Miles
Avn Bermudas & Main StreetAdams at Blackhawk
Calle Tampico at L.Q. LibraryAdams St at Hwy 111
Washington at Calle TampicoAve 47 & Washington
Washington at Ave 50Washington at Ave 48
Washington at EisenhowerWashington at Eisenhower
Washington St at Ave 48Washington at Ave 50
Ave 47 at WashingtonCalle Tampico at Washington
Adams & Hwy 111Bermudas at la Fonda
Adams & BlackhawkCalle Sinaloa at Avn Villa
Miles at AdamsEisenhower at Calle Durango
Miles at WashingtonEisenhower at Calle Ensenada
Washington at Fred WaringEisenhower at Calle Chihuahua
Washington at Hidden RiverEisenhower at Calle Colima
Washington at Ave of the StatesEisenhower at Calle Chillon
Washington at Ave 41Calle Madrid at Avn Vallejo
Harris at Washington

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