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 •  J14-Jeffery Jump

Southbound to Stony Island Garage Terminal on 103rd StreetNorthbound to Jefferson on Washington
Washington at Jefferson103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal
Washington at Canal103rd Street at Luella
Washington at Franklin103rd Street at Bensley
Washington at LasalleTorrence at 103rd Street
Washington at Clark/Dearborn100th Street at Torrence
Washington at State100th Street at Yates
Washington at Wabash100th Street at Paxton
Michigan at MonroeVan Vlissingen at 99th Street
Michigan at JacksonJeffery at 97th Street
Michigan at Van Buren/CongressJeffery at 95th Street
Michigan at HarrisonJeffery at 93rd Street
Balbo at MichiganJeffery at 91st Street
Balbo at ColumbusJeffery at 89th Street
1100 S Columbus (Pedestrian Underpass)Jeffery at 87th Street
Jeffery at 67th StreetJeffery at 83rd Street/South Chicago
Jeffery at 71st StreetJeffery at 81st Street
Jeffery at 75th StreetJeffery at 79th Street
Jeffery at 77th StreetJeffery at 77th Street
Jeffery at 79th StreetJeffery at 75th Street
Jeffery at 81st StreetJeffery at 71st Street
Jeffery at 83rd Street/South ChicagoJeffery at 67th Street
Jeffery at 87th Street1100 S Columbus (Pedestrian Underpass)
Jeffery at 89th StreetBalbo at Columbus
Jeffery at 91st StreetBalbo at Michigan
Jeffery at 93rd StreetMichigan at Ida B Wells Drive
Jeffery at 95th StreetMichigan at Jackson
Jeffery at 97th StreetMichigan at Monroe
Van Vlissingen at 99th StreetMadison at Wabash
100th Street at PaxtonMadison at Dearborn/State
100th Street at YatesMadison at Lasalle
100th Street at HoxieMadison at Franklin
Torrence at 103rd StreetMadison at Clinton
103rd Street at BensleyJefferson at Washington
103rd Street at LuellaWashington at Jefferson
103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.