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 •  94-California

Southbound to 74th GarageNorthbound to Addison on Rockwell
Rockwell at Addison74th Garage
Addison at Talman74th Street at Damen
California at AddisonDamen at 73rd Street
California at RoscoeDamen at 72nd Street
California at MelroseDamen at 71st Street
California at BelmontDamen at 70th Street
California at BarryDamen at 69th Street
California at WellingtonDamen at 68th Street
California at GeorgeMarquette at Damen
California at DiverseyWestern at Marquette Rd
California at SchubertWestern at 69th Street
California at LoganWestern at 71st Street
California at Logan71st Street at Campbell
California at Altgeld71st Street at Rockwell
California at Fullerton71st Street at Washtenaw
California at Milwaukee (Blue Line)71st Street at California
California at PalmerCalifornia at 70th Street
California at DickensCalifornia at Lithuanian Plaza/69th Street
California at ArmitageCalifornia at 68th Street
California at CortlandCalifornia at Marquette Rd
California at BloomingdaleCalifornia at 66th Street
California at WabansiaCalifornia at 65th Street
California at North AveCalifornia at 64th Street
California at Le MoyneCalifornia at 63rd Street
California at HirschCalifornia at 62nd Street
California at EvergreenCalifornia at 61st Street
California at PotomacCalifornia at 60th Street
California at DivisionCalifornia at 59th Street
California at ThomasCalifornia at 58th Street
California at AugustaCalifornia at 57th Street
California at WaltonCalifornia at 56th Street
California at ChicagoCalifornia at 55th Street
Chicago at GrandCalifornia at 54th Street
Sacramento at OhioCalifornia at 53rd Street
Sacramento at FranklinCalifornia at 52nd Street
Fulton at SacramentoCalifornia at 51st Street
Fulton at Francisco51st Street at Washtenaw
Fulton at California51st Street at Rockwell
California at Walnut51st Street at Campbell
California at Lake (Green Line)Western at 51st Street
California at WashingtonWestern Orange Line Station
California at Madison47th Street at Western Avenue
California at Wilcox47th Street at Campbell
California at Jackson47th Street at Rockwell
California at Harrison47th Street at Washtenaw
California at Polk47th Street at California
California at TaylorCalifornia at 46th Street
California at FillmoreCalifornia at 45th Street
California at RooseveltCalifornia at 44th Street
1258 S CaliforniaCalifornia at Pope John Paul II/43rd St
California at 14th StreetCalifornia at 42nd Street
California at OgdenCalifornia at Archer
California at OgdenCalifornia at Pershing
California at 16th StreetCalifornia at 38th Street
California at 18th StreetCalifornia at 36th Place
California at 19th StreetCalifornia at 36th Street
California Pink Line StationCalifornia at 35th Street
California at CermakCalifornia at 33rd Street
California at 23rd Street3154 S California
California at 24th BoulevardCalifornia at 31st Street
California at 25th StreetCalifornia at 30th Street
California at 26th Street2900 S California
Cook County Criminal Court2800 S California
2800 S CaliforniaCook County Criminal Court
2900 S CaliforniaCalifornia at 26th Street
California at 31st StreetCalifornia at 25th Street
3154 S CaliforniaCalifornia at 24th Boulevard
California at 33rd StreetCalifornia at 23rd Street
California at 35th StreetCalifornia at Cermak
California at 36th Street California Pink Line Station
California at 36th PlaceCalifornia at 19th Street
California at 38th StreetCalifornia at 18th Street
California at PershingCalifornia at 16th Street
California at ArcherCalifornia at Ogden
California at 42nd StreetCalifornia at 14th Street
California at Pope John Paul II/43rd St1303 S California
California at 44th StreetCalifornia at Roosevelt
California at 45th StreetCalifornia at Fillmore
California at 46th StreetCalifornia at Taylor
47th Street at CaliforniaCalifornia at Polk
47th Street at WashtenawCalifornia at Harrison
47th Street at RockwellCalifornia at Jackson
47th Street at CampbellCalifornia at Wilcox
47th Street at Western AvenueCalifornia at Madison
Western Orange Line StationCalifornia at Washington
Western at 51st StreetCalifornia at Lake (Green Line)
51st Street at CampbellCalifornia at Walnut
51st Street at RockwellFulton at California
51st Street at WashtenawFulton at Francisco
California at 51st StreetFulton at Sacramento
California at 52nd StreetSacramento at Franklin Boulevard
California at 53rd StreetSacramento at Ohio
California at 54th StreetSacramento at Chicago
California at 55th StreetChicago at Grand
California at 56th StreetCalifornia at Chicago
California at 57th StreetCalifornia at Walton
California at 58th StreetCalifornia at Augusta
California at 59th StreetCalifornia at Thomas
California at 60th StreetCalifornia at Division
California at 61st StreetCalifornia at Potomac
California at 62nd StreetCalifornia at Evergreen
California at 63rd StreetCalifornia at Hirsch
California at 64th StreetCalifornia at Le Moyne
California at 65th StreetCalifornia at North Ave
California at 66th StreetCalifornia at Wabansia
California at Marquette Rd1750 N California
California at 68th StreetCalifornia at Cortland
California at Lithuanian Plaza/69th StreetCalifornia at Armitage
California at 70th StreetCalifornia at Point
71st Street at CaliforniaCalifornia at Palmer (Blue Line)
71st Street at WashtenawCalifornia at Milwaukee
71st Street at RockwellCalifornia at Fullerton
71st Street at CampbellCalifornia at Altgeld
Western at 71st StreetCalifornia at Logan
Western at 69th StreetCalifornia at Schubert
Western at Marquette RdCalifornia at Diversey
Damen at MarquetteCalifornia at George
Damen at 68th StreetCalifornia at Wellington
Damen at 69th StreetCalifornia at Barry
Damen at 70th StreetBelmont at California
Damen at 71st StreetBelmont at Washtenaw
Damen at 72nd StreetRockwell at Devry Parking Lot (3400 N)
Damen at 73rd StreetRockwell at Addison
74th Street at Damen
74th Garage

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