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 •  91-Austin

Southbound to Roosevelt on AustinNorthbound to Jefferson Park Transit Center
Jefferson Park Transit CenterAustin at Roosevelt
Milwaukee at HigginsAustin at Fillmore
Lawrence at LongAustin at Harvard/Arthington
Lawrence at CentralAustin at Railroad Ave (Blue Line)
Lawrence at MajorAustin at Harrison
Lawrence at MenardAustin at Van Buren
Lawrence at MarmoraAustin at Jackson
Austin at LawrenceAustin at Adams
Austin at LelandAustin at Madison
Austin at EastwoodAustin at Washington
Austin at WilsonAustin at West End/Randolph
Austin at SunnysideAustin at Fulton/Pleasant
Austin at MontroseAustin at Corcoran/South Blvd (Green Line)
Austin at CullomAustin at Lake
Austin at BerteauAustin at Race
Austin at Belle PlaineAustin at Erie
Austin at Irving ParkAustin at Chicago
Austin at ByronAustin at Iowa
Austin at GraceAustin at Augusta
Austin at WavelandAustin at Thomas
Austin at AddisonAustin at Division
Austin at CorneliaAustin at Berkshire/Potomac
Austin at RoscoeAustin at Greenfield/Hirsch
Austin at SchoolAustin at Le Moyne
Austin at BelmontAustin at North Ave
Austin at BarryAustin at Wabansia
Austin at WellingtonAustin at Bloomingdale
Austin at GeorgeAustin at Cortland
Austin at DiverseyAustin at Dickens
Austin at SchubertAustin at Grand
Austin at WrightwoodAustin at Belden
Austin at AltgeldAustin at Fullerton
Austin at FullertonAustin at Altgeld
Austin at BeldenAustin at Wrightwood
Austin at GrandAustin at Schubert
Austin at DickensAustin at Diversey
Austin at CortlandAustin at George
Austin at BloomingdaleAustin at Wellington
Austin at WabansiaAustin at Barry
Austin at North AveAustin at Belmont
Austin at Le MoyneAustin at Melrose
Austin at Greenfield/HirschAustin at School
Austin at Berkshire/PotomacAustin at Roscoe
Austin at DivisionAustin at Cornelia
Austin at ThomasAustin at Addison
Austin at AugustaAustin at Waveland
Austin at IowaAustin at Grace
Austin at ChicagoAustin at Byron
Austin at ErieAustin at Irving Park
Austin at OntarioAustin at Belle Plaine
Austin at LakeAustin at Berteau
Austin at Corcoran/South Blvd (Green Line)Austin at Cullom
Austin at Fulton/PleasantAustin at Montrose
Austin at West End/RandolphAustin at Sunnyside
Austin at WashingtonAustin at Wilson
Austin at MadisonAustin at Eastwood
Austin at AdamsAustin at Leland
Austin at JacksonLawrence at Austin/Mason
Austin at Van BurenLawrence at Marmora
Austin at HarrisonLawrence at Menard
Austin Blue Line StationLawrence at Major
Austin at Harvard/ArthingtonLawrence at Central
Fillmore at MasonLawrence at Long
Mason at RooseveltMilwaukee at Ainslie
Austin at RooseveltJefferson Park Transit Center

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