Chicago CTA

 •  88-Higgins

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to Canfield on DevonEastbound to Jefferson Park Transit Center
Jefferson Park Transit CenterDevon at Canfield
Gale at MilwaukeeDevon at Overhill
Gale at HigginsDevon at Oriole
Higgins at Central/EdmundsDevon at Olcott
Higgins at MajorDevon at Odell/Avondale
Higgins at MenardAvondale at Highland
Higgins at MarmoraPalatine at Harlem
Higgins at AustinHarlem at Myrtle
Higgins at MeadeHarlem at Hood
Higgins at MelvinaHarlem at Peterson
Higgins at FosterHarlem at Thorndale
Higgins at NagleHarlem at Talcott
Higgins at NeenahHarlem Blue Line Station
Higgins at NatomaHiggins at Harlem
Higgins at TalcottHiggins at Montclare
Higgins at NewcastleHiggins at Nordica
Higgins at NewlandHiggins at Newland
Higgins at NordicaHiggins at Newcastle
Higgins at MontclareHiggins at Rutherford
Higgins at HarlemHiggins at Natoma
Harlem Blue Line StationHiggins at Neenah
Talcott at OcontoHiggins at Nagle
Talcott at OdellHiggins at Mobile
Talcott at OketoHiggins at Melvina
Talcott at OrioleHiggins at Meade
Talcott at OverhillHiggins at Austin
Talcott at CanfieldHiggins at Marmora
Canfield at PalatineHiggins at Menard
Devon at CanfieldHiggins at Major
Higgins at Central/Edmunds
Gale at Higgins
Gale at Milwaukee
Jefferson Park Transit Center
Jefferson Park Transit Center

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