Chicago CTA

 •  81W-West Lawrence

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to Cumberland Blue Line StationWestbound to Cumberland Blue Line StationEastbound to Jefferson Park Transit CenterEastbound to Jefferson Park Transit Center
Jefferson Park Transit CenterJefferson Park Transit CenterCumberland Blue Line StationCumberland Blue Line Station
Milwaukee at HigginsMilwaukee at HigginsBryn Mawr at GregoryCumberland at Catalpa
Lawrence at LongLawrence at LongBryn Mawr at ChesterCumberland at Catherine
Lawrence at CentralLawrence at CentralDelphia at Bryn MawrCumberland at Berwyn
Lawrence at MajorLawrence at MajorDelphia at CatalpaCumberland at Foster
Lawrence at MenardLawrence at MenardPavilion 5441 BuildingCumberland at Argyle
Lawrence at MarmoraLawrence at MarmoraEast River Rd at Evelyn LaneCumberland at Ainslie
Lawrence at Austin/MasonLawrence at Austin/MasonEast River Rd at BerwynLawrence at Cumberland
Gunnison at AustinGunnison at AustinEast River Rd at FosterLawrence at Pittsburgh
Gunnison at MeadeGunnison at MeadeEast River Rd at CarmenLawrence at Courtland
Gunnison at Melvina Gunnison at Melvina East River Rd at ArgyleLawrence at Vine
Gunnison at MobileGunnison at MobileEast River Rd at AinslieLawrence at Canfield
Gunnison at NagleGunnison at NagleLawrence at East River RdLawrence at Opal
Gunnison at NeenahGunnison at NeenahLawrence at OakviewLawrence at Overhill
Gunnison at NatomaGunnison at NatomaLawrence at DelphiaLawrence at Oriole
Gunnison at RutherfordGunnison at RutherfordLawrence at ChesterLawrence at Olcott
Gunnison at Oak ParkGunnison at Oak ParkLawrence at CumberlandLawrence at Oketo
Gunnison at New EnglandGunnison at New EnglandLawrence at PittsburghLawrence at Octavia
Gunnison at Sayre/NordicaGunnison at Sayre/NordicaLawrence at CourtlandHarlem at Gunnison
Gunnison at MontclareGunnison at MontclareLawrence at VineGunnison at Montclare
Harlem at LawrenceHarlem at LawrenceLawrence at CanfieldGunnison at Sayre/Nordica
Lawrence at OctaviaLawrence at OctaviaLawrence at OpalGunnison at New England
Lawrence at OketoLawrence at OketoLawrence at OverhillGunnison at Oak Park
Lawrence at OlcottLawrence at OlcottLawrence at OrioleGunnison at Rutherford
Lawrence at OrioleLawrence at OrioleLawrence at OlcottGunnison at Natoma
Lawrence at OverhillLawrence at OverhillLawrence at OketoGunnison at Neenah
Lawrence at OpalLawrence at OpalLawrence at OctaviaGunnison at Nagle
Lawrence at CanfieldLawrence at CanfieldHarlem at GunnisonGunnison at Mobile
Lawrence at VineLawrence at VineGunnison at MontclareGunnison at Melvina
Lawrence at ProspectLawrence at ProspectGunnison at Sayre/NordicaGunnison at Meade
Lawrence at PittsburghLawrence at PittsburghGunnison at New EnglandGunnison at Austin
Lawrence at CumberlandLawrence at CumberlandGunnison at Oak ParkLawrence at Austin/Mason
Lawrence at ChesterCumberland at AinslieGunnison at RutherfordLawrence at Marmora
Lawrence at DelphiaCumberland at ArgyleGunnison at NatomaLawrence at Menard
Lawrence at KnightCumberland at FosterGunnison at NeenahLawrence at Major
Lawrence at East River RdCumberland at BerwynGunnison at NagleLawrence at Central
East River Rd at AinslieCumberland at CatherineGunnison at MobileLawrence at Long
East River Rd at ArgyleCumberland at Bryn MawrGunnison at Melvina Milwaukee at Ainslie
East River Rd at CarmenCumberland Blue Line StationGunnison at MeadeJefferson Park Transit Center
East River Rd at FosterGunnison at AustinJefferson Park Transit Center
East River Rd at BerwynLawrence at Austin/Mason
East River Rd at Evelyn LaneLawrence at Marmora
Pavilion 5441 BuildingLawrence at Menard
Delphia at CatalpaLawrence at Major
Delphia at Bryn MawrLawrence at Central
Bryn Mawr at ChesterLawrence at Long
Bryn Mawr at GregoryMilwaukee at Ainslie
Cumberland Blue Line StationJefferson Park Transit Center
Jefferson Park Transit Center

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