Chicago CTA

 •  78-Montrose

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to Harlem/Irving Park on Forest Preserve AvenueEastbound to Marine Drive on Montrose
Montrose at Marine DriveForest Preserve Avenue at Harlem/Irving Park
Montrose at ClarendonHarlem at Forest Preserve Avenue
Montrose at Hazel7100 W Forest Preserve Avenue
Montrose at Sheridan7000 W Forest Preserve Avenue
Broadway at SunnysideForest Preserve Avenue at New England
Wilson at Broadway (Red Line)Forest Preserve Avenue at Oak Park
Wilson at MagnoliaForest Preserve Avenue at Rutherford
Wilson at BeaconForest Preserve Avenue at Montrose
Clark at WilsonMontrose at Neenah
Clark at SunnysideMontrose at Narragansett
Clark at MontroseMontrose at Mobile
Montrose at AshlandMontrose at Melvina
Montrose at HermitageMontrose at Meade
Montrose at RavenswoodMontrose at Austin
Montrose Brown Line StationMontrose at Marmora
Montrose at WinchesterMontrose at Menard
Montrose at DamenMontrose at Major
Montrose at HamiltonMontrose at Central
Montrose at LincolnMontrose at Linder
Montrose at OakleyMontrose at Long
Montrose at WesternMontrose at Lockwood
Montrose at Campbell Montrose at Laramie
Montrose at RockwellMontrose at Milwaukee
Montrose at CaliforniaMontrose at Lavergne
Montrose at FranciscoMontrose at Lamon
Montrose at SacramentoMontrose at Cicero
Montrose at AlbanyMontrose at Knox
Montrose at KedzieMontrose Blue Line Station
Montrose at SpauldingMontrose at Kilbourn
Montrose at KimballMontrose at Kostner
Montrose at St. LouisMontrose at Kildare
Montrose at Central ParkMontrose at Keeler
Montrose at LawndaleMontrose at Elston
Montrose at HamlinMontrose at Pulaski
Montrose at SpringfieldMontrose at Springfield
Montrose at PulaskiMontrose at Hamlin
Montrose at ElstonMontrose at Lawndale
Montrose at KeelerMontrose at Central Park
Montrose at KildareMontrose at St. Louis
Montrose at KostnerMontrose at Kimball
Montrose at KilbournMontrose at Spaulding
Montrose at Blue Line StationMontrose at Kedzie
Montrose at KnoxMontrose at Albany
Montrose at CiceroMontrose at Sacramento
Montrose at LamonMontrose at Francisco
Montrose at LavergneMontrose at California
Montrose at MilwaukeeMontrose at Rockwell
Montrose at LaramieMontrose at Campbell
Montrose at LockwoodMontrose at Western
Montrose at LongMontrose at Oakley
Montrose at LinderMontrose at Lincoln
Montrose at CentralMontrose at Hoyne
Montrose at MajorMontrose at Damen
Montrose at MenardMontrose at Winchester
Montrose at MarmoraMontrose Brown Line Station
Montrose at AustinMontrose at Hermitage
Montrose at MeadeMontrose at Ashland
Montrose at MelvinaClark at Montrose
Montrose at MobileClark at Sunnyside
Montrose at MulliganClark at Wilson
Montrose at NarragansettWilson at Beacon
Montrose at NeenahWilson at Magnolia
Montrose at Forest Preserve AvenueWilson at Broadway (Red Line)
Forest Preserve Avenue at RutherfordWilson at Sheridan
Forest Preserve Avenue at Oak Park Wilson at Hazel
Forest Preserve Avenue at New EnglandWilson at Clarendon
7000 W Forest Preserve AvenueWilson at Marine Drive
Forest Preserve Avenue at HarlemMontrose at Marine Drive
Forest Preserve Avenue at Harlem/Irving Park

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