Chicago CTA

 •  7-Harrison

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to Central Terminal on HarrisonEastbound to Michigan on Congress Plaza
Congress Plaza at MichiganHarrison at Central Terminal
Ida B Wells Drive at MichiganHarrison at Lotus
Michigan at Van Buren5400 W Harrison
Adams at WabashHarrison at Lockwood
Adams at StateHarrison at Laramie
Adams at ClarkHarrison at Leamington
Adams at WellsHarrison at Lavergne
Adams at S. WackerHarrison at Cicero
Adams at CanalHarrison at Kilpatrick
Clinton at Jackson4630 W Harrison
Clinton Blue Line StationHarrison at Kolmar
Harrison at JeffersonHarrison at Kilbourn
Harrison at HalstedHarrison at Kostner
900 W HarrisonKostner at Lexington
Harrison at MorganFifth Avenue at Kostner
Harrison at RacineFifth Avenue at Kildare
Harrison at ThroopFifth Avenue at Keeler
Harrison at LoomisFifth Avenue at Karlov
Harrison at AshlandFifth Avenue at Pulaski
Paulina at HarrisonHarrison at Springfield
Polk Pink Line StationHarrison at Independence
Polk at WoodHarrison at Lawndale
Harrison at WoodHarrison at Central Park
Harrison at OgdenHarrison at St. Louis
Harrison at DamenHarrison at Homan
Harrison at HoyneHarrison at Spaulding
Harrison at LeavittHarrison at Kedzie
Harrison at OakleyHarrison at Albany
Harrison at WesternHarrison at Sacramento
Harrison at CampbellHarrison at Francisco
Harrison at Maplewood Harrison at California
Harrison at WashtenawHarrison at Washtenaw
Harrison at CaliforniaHarrison at Maplewood
Harrison at FranciscoHarrison at Campbell
Harrison at SacramentoHarrison at Western
Harrison at AlbanyHarrison at Oakley
Harrison at KedzieHarrison at Leavitt
Congress at KedzieHarrison at Hoyne
Congress at SpauldingHarrison at Damen
Congress at HomanHarrison at Ogden
Congress at St. LouisWood at Harrison
Congress at Central ParkPolk Pink Line Station
3700 W CongressHarrison at Paulina
Congress at Hamlin/IndependenceHarrison at Ashland
Congress at SpringfieldHarrison at Loomis
Congress at PulaskiHarrison at Throop
Congress at KarlovHarrison at Racine
Congress at KeelerHarrison at Morgan
Congress at Kildare900 W Harrison
Harrison at KostnerHarrison at Halsted
Harrison at Kilbourn Canal at Harrison
Harrison at Kolmar Canal at Van Buren
4630 W HarrisonJackson at Chicago River
Harrison at KilpatrickJackson at Franklin
Harrison at CiceroJackson at Financial Place
Harrison at LavergneJackson at Dearborn
Harrison at LeamingtonJackson at State
Harrison at LaramieJackson at Wabash
Harrison at LockwoodMichigan at Van Buren/Congress
5400 W HarrisonCongress Plaza at Michigan
Harrison at Lotus
Harrison at Central
Harrison at Central Terminal

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.