Chicago CTA

 •  62-Archer

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Southbound to Neva Terminal on ArcherNorthbound to Kinzie on StateNorthbound to Kinzie on State
State at Marina CityArcher at Neva TerminalArcher at Neva Terminal
State at LakeArcher at NottinghamArcher at Nottingham
State at WashingtonArcher at SayreArcher at Sayre
State at MonroeArcher at New EnglandArcher at New England
State at JacksonArcher at Oak ParkArcher at Oak Park
State at Van BurenArcher at NormandyArcher at Normandy
State at Harrison/Ida B Wells DriveArcher at NashvilleArcher at Nashville
State at PolkArcher at NatchezArcher at Natchez
State at 9th StreetArcher at MulliganArcher at Mulligan
State at 11th StreetArcher at MerrimacArcher at Merrimac
State at RooseveltArcher at MelvinaArcher at Melvina
State at 13th StreetArcher at MeadeArcher at Meade
State at 14th StreetArcher at AustinArcher at Austin
State at 15th StreetArcher at MayfieldArcher at Mayfield
State at 16th StreetArcher at MenardArcher at Menard
State at 18th StreetArcher at MajorArcher at Major
Archer at DearbornArcher at CentralArcher at Central
Archer at WentworthArcher at LinderArcher at Linder
Archer at Cermak/PrincetonArcher at LongArcher at Long
Archer at CanalArcher at LockwoodArcher at Lockwood
Archer at GroveArcher at LaramieArcher at Laramie
Archer at WallaceArcher at LeclaireArcher at Leclaire
Archer at LoweArcher at LavergneArcher at Lavergne
Halsted Orange Line StationArcher at LamonArcher at Lamon
Archer at SenourArcher at CiceroArcher at Cicero
Archer at PoplarArcher at KilpatrickCicero at 53rd Street
Archer at ThroopArcher at KolmarCicero at 55th Street
Archer at BonfieldArcher at KilbournMidway Oraange Line Station
Archer at Loomis/FullerArcher at KostnerCicero at 55th Street
Archer at ArchArcher at KildareCicero at 53rd Street
Archer at LockArcher at KeelerCicero at Archer
Archer at Pitney CourtKarlov at ArcherArcher at Kilpatrick
Archer at AshlandPulaski Orange Line StationArcher at Kolmar
Archer at PaulinaPulaski Orange Line StationArcher at Kilbourn
Archer at WoodKarlov at ArcherArcher at Kostner
Archer at 33rd StreetArcher at PulaskiArcher at Kildare
Archer at 34th StreetArcher at 49th Street/AversArcher at Keeler
Archer at DamenArcher at HamlinKarlov at Archer
Archer at 35th Street/HoyneArcher at LawndalePulaski Orange Line Station
Leavitt at 35th StreetArcher at 47th StreetPulaski Orange Line Station
35th/Archer Orange Line StationArcher at St. LouisKarlov at Archer
35th/Archer Orange Line StationArcher at Homan Archer at Pulaski
Archer at OakleyArcher at SpauldingArcher at 49th Street/Avers
Archer at Western AvenueArcher at KedzieArcher at Hamlin
Archer at Campbell/38th StreetArcher at Pope John Paul II/43rd StArcher at Lawndale
Archer at Pershing/RockwellArcher at SacramentoArcher at 47th Street
Archer at 39th PlaceArcher at Francisco Archer at St. Louis
Archer at BrightonArcher at CaliforniaArcher at Homan
Archer at CaliforniaArcher at BrightonArcher at Spaulding
Archer at Francisco Archer at 39th PlaceArcher at Kedzie
Archer at SacramentoArcher at Pershing/RockwellArcher at Pope John Paul II/43rd St
Archer at Pope John Paul II/43rd StArcher at Campbell/38th StreetArcher at Sacramento
Archer at KedzieArcher at Western AvenueArcher at Francisco
Archer at Spaulding Archer at 37th StreetArcher at California
Archer at HomanArcher at OakleyArcher at Brighton
Archer at St. Louis35th/Archer Orange Line StationArcher at 39th Place
Archer at 47th Street35th/Archer Orange Line StationArcher at Pershing/Rockwell
Archer at LawndaleArcher at 35th Street/HoyneArcher at Campbell/38th Street
Archer at HamlinArcher at DamenArcher at Western Avenue
Archer at 49th Street/AversArcher at 34th StreetArcher at 37th Street
Archer at PulaskiArcher at 33rd PlaceArcher at Oakley
Karlov at ArcherArcher at Wood35th/Archer Orange Line Station
Pulaski Orange Line StationArcher at Paulina35th/Archer Orange Line Station
Pulaski Orange Line StationArcher at AshlandArcher at 35th Street/Hoyne
Archer at KeelerArcher at Pitney CourtArcher at Damen
Archer at KildareArcher at LockArcher at 34th Street
Archer at KostnerArcher at ArchArcher at 33rd Place
Archer at KilbournArcher at Loomis/FullerArcher at Wood
Archer at KnoxArcher at BonfieldArcher at Paulina
Archer at KilpatrickArcher at ThroopArcher at Ashland
Archer at CiceroArcher at PoplarArcher at Pitney Court
Archer at CiceroArcher at SenourArcher at Lock
Archer at LamonArcher at GreenArcher at Arch
Archer at LavergneArcher at LoweArcher at Loomis/Fuller
Archer at LeclaireArcher at WallaceArcher at Bonfield
Archer at LaramieArcher at NormalArcher at Throop
Archer at LockwoodArcher at 23rd PlaceArcher at Poplar
Archer at LongArcher at CanalArcher at Senour
Archer at LinderArcher at Cermak/PrincetonArcher at Green
Archer at CentralArcher at Red Line Station2300 S Halsted
Archer at MajorArcher at DearbornHalsted at Cermak
Archer at MenardState at 18th StreetHalsted at Cullerton
Archer at MayfieldState at 16th StreetHalsted at 18th Street
Archer at AustinState at 14th PlaceHalsted at 16th Street
Archer at MeadeState at 14th StreetHalsted at 14th Place
Archer at MelvinaState at 13th StreetHalsted at Maxwell
Archer at MerrimacState at RooseveltRoosevelt at Halsted
Archer at MulliganState at 11th StreetRoosevelt at Jefferson
Archer at NatchezState at 9th StreetRoosevelt at Canal
Archer at NashvilleDearborn at Polk327 W Roosevelt
Archer at NormandyDearborn at HarrisonRoosevelt at Delano
Archer at Oak ParkDearborn at Ida B Wells DriveRoosevelt at Clark
Archer at New EnglandDearborn at JacksonState at Roosevelt
Archer at SayreDearborn at AdamsState at 11th Street
Archer at NottinghamDearborn at MonroeState at 9th Street
Archer at Neva TerminalDearborn at MadisonDearborn at Polk
Dearborn at RandolphDearborn at Harrison
Dearborn at Wacker/LakeDearborn at Ida B Wells Drive
State at KinzieDearborn at Jackson
Dearborn at Adams
Dearborn at Monroe
Dearborn at Madison
Dearborn at Randolph
Dearborn at Wacker/Lake
State at Kinzie

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