Chicago CTA

 •  55N-55th/Narragansett

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to 63rd Place Terminal on NarragansettEastbound to Midway Orange Line Station
Midway Orange Line StationNarragansett at 63rd Place Terminal
55th Street at CiceroNarragansett at 63rd Street
55th Street at LaramieNarragansett at 62nd Street
55th Street at LockwoodNarragansett at 61st Street
55th Street at LongNarragansett at 60th Street
55th Street at LinderNarragansett at 59th Street
55th Street at CentralNarragansett at 58th Street
55th Street at MenardNarragansett at 57th Street
55th Street at MayfieldNarragansett at 56th Street
55th Street at AustinNarragansett at 55th Street
55th Street at Meade55th Street at Merrimac
55th Street at Merrimac55th Street at Meade
Narragansett at 55th Street55th Street at Austin
Narragansett at 56th Street55th Street at Mayfield
Narragansett at 57th Street55th Street at Menard
Narragansett at 58th Street55th Street at Central
Narragansett at 59th Street55th Street at Linder
Narragansett at 60th Street55th Street at Long
Narragansett at 61st Street55th Street at Lockwood
Narragansett at 62nd Street55th Street at Laramie
Narragansett at 63rd Street55th Street at Cicero
Narragansett at 63rd Place TerminalMidway Orange Line Station

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