Chicago CTA

 •  55-Garfield

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Westbound to Midway Orange Line StationEastbound to Industry on Museum Of Science
Museum Of Science at IndustryMidway Orange Line Station
S Hyde Park at 56th Street55th Street at Kilpatrick
55th Street at Hyde Park Blvd4600 W 55th Street
55th Street at Lake Park55th Street at Kenneth
55th Street at Blackstone55th Street at Kostner
55th Street at Dorchester55th Street at Kildare
55th Street at Kenwood55th Street at Keeler
55th Street at Kimbark55th Street at Karlov
55th Street at Woodlawn55th Street at Pulaski
55th Street at University55th Street at Springfield
55th Street at Ellis55th Street at Hamlin
55th Street at Drexel55th Street at Lawndale
55th Street at Cottage Grove3600 W 55th Street
55th Street at Payne Drive55th Street at St. Louis
Morgan Drive at Russell Drive55th Street at Homan
Garfield at King Drive55th Street at Spaulding
Garfield Green Line Station55th Street at Kedzie
Garfield at Indiana55th Street at Albany
Garfield at Michigan55th Street at Sacramento
Garfield at State55th Street at Francisco
Garfield at Lasalle55th Street at California
Garfield Red Line Station55th Street at Washtenaw
Garfield at Princeton55th Street at Rockwell
Garfield at Normal55th Street at Artesian
Garfield at Lowe55th Street at Western Avenue
Garfield at UnionGarfield at Western Boulevard
Garfield at HalstedGarfield at Oakley
Garfield at PeoriaGarfield at Hamilton
Garfield at MorganGarfield at Hoyne
Garfield at AberdeenGarfield at Damen
Garfield at RacineGarfield at Wolcott
Garfield at ThroopGarfield at Wood
Garfield at LoomisGarfield at Paulina
Garfield at LaflinGarfield at Ashland
Garfield at AshlandGarfield at Laflin
Garfield at PaulinaGarfield at Loomis
Garfield at WoodGarfield at Throop
Garfield at WolcottGarfield at Racine
Garfield at DamenGarfield at Aberdeen
Garfield at HoyneGarfield at Morgan
Garfield at HamiltonGarfield at Peoria
Garfield at OakleyGarfield at Halsted
55th Street at Western AvenueGarfield at Union
55th Street at ArtesianGarfield at Lowe
55th Street at RockwellGarfield at Normal
55th Street at WashtenawGarfield at Princeton
55th Street at CaliforniaGarfield Red Line Station
55th Street at FranciscoGarfield at Lasalle
55th Street at SacramentoGarfield at Federal
55th Street at AlbanyGarfield at State
55th Street at KedzieGarfield at Wabash
55th Street at SpauldingGarfield at Indiana
55th Street at HomanGarfield Green Line Station
55th Street at St. LouisGarfield at King Drive
55th Street at Central ParkMorgan Drive at Russell Drive
55th Street at LawndalePayne Drive at 55th Street
55th Street at Hamlin55th Street at Cottage Grove
55th Street at Springfield55th Street at Drexel
55th Street at Pulaski55th Street at Ellis
55th Street at Karlov55th Street at University
55th Street at Keeler55th Street at Woodlawn
55th Street at Kildare55th Street at Kimbark
55th Street at Kostner55th Street at Kenwood
55th Street at Kilbourn55th Street at Dorchester
4600 W 55th Street55th Street at Blackstone
55th Street at Kilpatrick55th Street at Lake Park
Midway Orange Line StationS Hyde Park at 55th Street
S Hyde Park at 56th Street
Museum Of Science at Industry

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