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 •  44-Wallace-Racine

Southbound to 87th Street Terminal on RacineNorthbound to Halsted Orange Line Station
Halsted Orange Line StationRacine at 87th Street Terminal
Archer at LoweRacine at 86th Street
Archer at WallaceRacine at 85th Street
Archer at NormalRacine at 84th Street
Archer at 23rd PlaceRacine at 83rd Street
Archer at CanalRacine at 82nd Street
Canal at 23rd PlaceRacine at 81st Street
Canal at 24th PlaceRacine at 80th Street
Canal at 26th StreetRacine at 79th Street
26th Street at NormalRacine at 78th Street
Wallace at 26th StreetRacine at 77th Street
Wallace at 28th StreetRacine at 76th Street
Wallace at 29th StreetRacine at 75th Street
Wallace at 30th StreetRacine at 74th Street
Wallace at 31st StreetRacine at 73rd Street
Wallace at 32nd StreetRacine at 72nd Street
Wallace at 33rd StreetRacine at 71st Street
3406 S WallaceRacine at 70th Street
Wallace at 35th StreetRacine at 69th Street
Wallace at 36th StreetRacine at 68th Street
Wallace at 37th StreetRacine at Marquette Rd
Wallace at 38th StreetRacine at 66th Street
Wallace at PershingRacine at 65th Street
Wallace at RootRacine at 64th Street
Root at UnionRacine at 63rd Street
Halsted at ExchangeRacine at 62nd Street
Halsted at 42nd StreetRacine at 61st Street
Halsted at 43rd StreetRacine at 60th Street
Halsted at 43rd PlaceRacine at 59th Street
Halsted at 45th StreetRacine at 58th Street
Halsted at 46th StreetRacine at 57th Street
47th Street at HalstedRacine at 56th Street
47th Street at MorganRacine at Garfield
47th Street at AberdeenRacine at Garfield
Racine at 47th StreetRacine at 54th Street
Racine at 48th StreetRacine at 53rd Street
Racine at 49th StreetRacine at 52nd Street
Racine at 50th StreetRacine at 51st Street
Racine at 51st StreetRacine at 50th Street
Racine at 52nd StreetRacine at 49th Street
Racine at 53rd StreetRacine at 48th Street
Racine at 54th Street Racine at 47th Street
Racine at Garfield47th Street at Aberdeen
Racine at Garfield47th Street at Morgan
Racine at 56th StreetHalsted at 47th Street
Racine at 57th StreetHalsted at 46th Street
Racine at 58th StreetHalsted at 45th Street
Racine at 59th StreetHalsted at 43rd Place
Racine at 60th StreetHalsted at 43rd Street
Racine at 61st StreetHalsted at 42nd Street
Racine at 62nd StreetHalsted at Root
Racine at 63rd StreetRoot at Union
Racine at 64th StreetWallace at 41st Street
Racine at 65th StreetWallace at Pershing
Racine at 66th StreetWallace at 38th Street
Racine at Marquette RdWallace at 37th Street
Racine at 68th StreetWallace at 36th Street
Racine at 69th StreetWallace at 35th Street
Racine at 70th Street3403 S Wallace
Racine at 71st StreetWallace at 33rd Street
Racine at 72nd StreetWallace at 32nd Street
Racine at 73rd StreetWallace at 31st Street
Racine at 74th StreetWallace at 30th Street
Racine at 75th StreetWallace at 29th Street
Racine at 76th StreetWallace at 28th Street
Racine at 77th StreetWallace at 26th Street
Racine at 78th Street26th Street at Normal
Racine at 79th StreetCanal at 26th Street
Racine at 80th StreetCanal at 24th Place
Racine at 81st StreetCanal at 24th Street
Racine at 82nd StreetCanal at 23rd Street/Archer
Racine at 83rd StreetArcher at Grove
Racine at 84th StreetArcher at Wallace
Racine at 85th StreetArcher at Lowe
Racine at 86th StreetHalsted Orange Line Station
Racine at 87th Street Terminal

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