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 •  39-Pershing

Westbound to 38th Place on St. LouisEastbound to 40th Street on Lake Park
Lake Park at 40th StreetSt. Louis at 38th Place
Lake Park at OakwoodSt. Louis at Pershing
Pershing at Cottage GrovePershing at Homan
Pershing at LangleyPershing at Spaulding
Pershing at VincennesPershing at Kedzie
Pershing at King DrivePershing at Albany
Pershing at King DrivePershing at Sacramento
Pershing at GilesPershing at Francisco
Indiana at 41st StreetPershing at California
Indiana Green Line StationPershing at Washtenaw
Pershing at IndianaArcher at Pershing/Rockwell
Pershing at MichiganArcher at Campbell/38th Street
Pershing at WabashArcher at Western Avenue
Pershing at StateArcher at 37th Street
Pershing at Federal Archer at Oakley
Lasalle at Pershing35th/Archer Orange Line Station
Sox-35th Red Line Station35th/Archer Orange Line Station
3600 S WentworthArcher at Oakley
Wentworth at 37th StreetWestern Blvd at Archer
3800 S Wentworth Pershing at Western Boulevard
Pershing at WentworthPershing at Leavitt
Pershing at Princeton Pershing at Damen
Pershing at CanalPershing at Wolcott
Pershing at NormalPershing at Wood
Pershing at WallacePershing at Paulina
Pershing at UnionPershing at Ashland
Pershing at Halsted1501 W Pershing
Pershing at MorganPershing at Loomis
1111 W Pershing1132 W Pershing
Pershing at LoomisPershing at Morgan
1501 W PershingPershing at Halsted
Pershing at Ashland Pershing at Union
Pershing at PaulinaPershing at Wallace
Pershing at WoodPershing at Normal
Pershing at WolcottPershing at Canal
Pershing at Damen Pershing at Princeton
Pershing at LeavittPershing at Wentworth
Pershing at Western BoulevardLasalle at Pershing
Western Blvd at ArcherSox-35th Red Line Station
Archer at Oakley3600 S Wentworth
35th/Archer Orange Line StationWentworth at 37th Street
35th/Archer Orange Line Station3800 S Wentworth
Archer at OakleyPershing at Lasalle
Archer at Western AvenuePershing at Federal
Archer at Campbell/38th StreetPershing at State
Archer at Pershing/RockwellPershing at Wabash
Pershing at WashtenawPershing at Michigan
Pershing at California4016 S Michigan
Pershing at FranciscoIndiana at 41st Street
Pershing at SacramentoIndiana Green Line Station
Pershing at Albany Pershing at Indiana
Pershing at KedziePershing at Giles
Pershing at SpauldingPershing at King Drive
Pershing at HomanPershing at King Drive
38th Street at HomanPershing at Vincennes
St. Louis at 38th PlacePershing at Langley
Pershing at Cottage Grove
Ellis at Oakwood
40th Street at Ellis
Lake Park at 40th Street

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