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 •  30-South Chicago

Southbound to Hegewisch Metra StationNorthbound to 79th Street/Stony Island on South Chicago
South Chicago at 79th Street/Stony IslandHegewisch Metra Station
South Chicago at East End Avenue O at Brainard (13800 S)
South Chicago at East End 13601 S Avenue O (Senior Bldg)
South Chicago at ElliottAvenue O at 135th Street
South Chicago at BennettAvenue O at 134th Street
South Chicago at JefferyAvenue O at 133rd Street
South Chicago at 85th StreetAvenue O at 132nd Street
South Chicago at 86th Street/CrandonAvenue O at 131st Street
South Chicago at OglesbyAvenue O at 130th Street
South Chicago at 87th Street/Yates12800 S Avenue O
South Chicago at KingstonAvenue O at 126th Street
South Chicago at 89th StreetAvenue O at Veteran'S Drive (12400 S)
South Chicago at 91st Street12243 S Avenue O
9177 S South Chicago (CHA Building)Avenue O at Ewing (12000 South)
92nd Street at Exchange11919 S Avenue O
92nd Street at CommercialAvenue O at 118th Street
Houston at 91st Street118th Street at Lake Point Plaza (3600 E)
91st Street at Brandon11731 S Avenue O
91st Street at BuffaloAvenue O at 116th Street
Mackinaw at 92nd StreetAvenue O at 114th Street
9320 S EwingAvenue O at 113th Street
Ewing at 94th StreetAvenue O at 112th Street
Ewing at 95th Street112th Street at Avenue M
Ewing at 96th StreetEwing at 112th Street
Ewing at 97th StreetEwing at 111th Street
Ewing at 98th StreetEwing at 110th Street
Ewing at 99th StreetEwing at 109th Street
Ewing at IndianapolisEwing at 108th Street
Ewing at 102nd StreetEwing at 107th Street
Ewing at 103rd StreetEwing at 106th Street
Ewing at 104th StreetEwing at 105th Street
Ewing at 105th StreetEwing at 104th Street
Ewing at 106th StreetEwing at 103rd Street
Ewing at 107th StreetEwing at 102nd Street
Ewing at 108th StreetEwing at 101st Street
Ewing at 109th StreetEwing at 99th Street
Ewing at 110th StreetEwing at 98th Street
Ewing at 111th StreetEwing at 97th Street
Ewing at 112th StreetEwing at 96th Street
112th Street at Avenue MEwing at 95th Street
Avenue O at 112th StreetEwing at 94th Street
Avenue O at 113th Street9320 S Ewing
Avenue O at 114th Street91st Street at Buffalo
Avenue O at 116th Street91st Street at Brandon
11731 S Avenue OHouston at 91st Street
Avenue O at 118th Street92nd Street at Commercial
118th Street at Lake Point Plaza (3600 E)92nd Street at Exchange
11919 S Avenue O9177 S South Chicago (CHA Building)
Avenue O at Ewing (12000 South)South Chicago at Marquette Avenue
12243 S Avenue OSouth Chicago at Colfax
Avenue O at Veteran'S Drive (12400 S)South Chicago at Kingston
Avenue O at 126th StreetSouth Chicago at 87th Street
12800 S Avenue OSouth Chicago at Oglesby
Avenue O at 130th StreetSouth Chicago at Crandon
Avenue O at 131st StreetSouth Chicago at 85th Street
Avenue O at 132nd StreetSouth Chicago at 83rd Street
Avenue O at 133rd StreetSouth Chicago at Jeffery
Avenue O at 134th StreetSouth Chicago at Bennett
Avenue O at 135th StreetSouth Chicago at Constance
13600 S Avenue O (Senior Bldg)South Chicago at Ridgeland
Avenue O at Brainard (13800 S)South Chicago at 79th Street/Stony Island
Hegewisch Metra Station
Brainard at Brandon
Brainard at Baltimore
Baltimore at 134th Street
132nd Street at Baltimore
132nd Street at Carondolet
132nd Street at Exchange
Exchange at 131st Street
Exchange at 130th Street
130th Street at Carondolet
130th Street at Baltimore
Baltimore at 132nd Street
Baltimore at 134th Street
Baltimore at Brainard
Brainard at Brandon
Hegewisch Metra Station

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.