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 •  26-South Shore Express

Southbound to Stony Island Garage Terminal on 103rd StreetNorthbound to Mies Van Der Rohe on Chicago
Chicago at Mies Van Der Rohe103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal
Michigan at Superior103rd Street at Luella
Michigan at Erie103rd Street at Oglesby
Michigan at Ohio103rd Street at Bensley
Michigan at IllinoisTorrence at 104th Street
Michigan at Hubbard (Wrigley Bldg.)Torrence at 105th Street
Michigan at South Water106th Street at Torrence
Michigan at Lake/Randolph2801 E 106th Street
Michigan at Washington106th Street at Muskegon
Michigan at Monroe3033 E 106th Street
Michigan at Jackson106th Street at Mackinaw
Michigan at Van Buren/Congress106th Street at Avenue O
Michigan at Harrison106th Street at Avenue M
Michigan at BalboEwing at 105th Street
Michigan at 8th StreetEwing at 104th Street
Michigan at 9th StreetEwing at 103rd Street
Michigan at 11th StreetEwing at 102nd Street
Roosevelt at Michigan/IndianaEwing at 101st Street
67th Street at ChappelEwing at 99th Street
67th Street at ClydeEwing at 98th Street
67th Street at PaxtonEwing at 97th Street
67th Street at CrandonEwing at 96th Street
67th Street at OglesbyEwing at 95th Street
67th Street at South ShoreEwing at 94th Street
S. Shore Drive at 68th Street9320 S Ewing
S. Shore Drive at 69th Street91st Street at Buffalo
S. Shore Drive at 70th Street91st Street at Brandon
S. Shore Drive at 71st Street91st Street at Houston
S. Shore Drive at ColesCommercial at 91st Street
S. Shore Drive at 72nd StreetCommercial at 90th Street
S. Shore Drive at 73rd StreetCommercial at 89th Street
S. Shore Drive at 74th StreetCommercial at 88th Street
S. Shore Drive at 75th StreetCommercial at 87th Street
S. Shore Drive at 76th StreetCommercial at 86th Street
S. Shore Drive at 77th StreetCommercial at 85th Street
S. Shore Drive at 78th StreetCommercial at 83rd Place
S. Shore Drive at CheltenhamExchange at 83rd Street
S. Shore Drive at 79th Street83rd Street at Commercial
S. Shore Drive at 80th Street83rd Street at Coles
S. Shore Drive at 81st StreetS. Shore Drive at 83rd Street
S. Shore Drive at 82nd StreetS. Shore Drive at 82nd Street
S. Shore Drive at 83rd StreetS. Shore Drive at 81st Street
83rd Street at ColesS. Shore Drive at 80th Street
83rd Street at Commercial AvenueS. Shore Drive at 79th Street
Exchange at 83rd StreetS. Shore Drive at Cheltenham
Commercial at 83rd PlaceS. Shore Drive at 78th Street
Commercial at 85th StreetS. Shore Drive at 77th Street
Commercial at 86th StreetS. Shore Drive at 76th Street
Commercial at 87th StreetS. Shore Drive at 75th Street
Commercial at 88th StreetS. Shore Drive at 74th Street
Commercial at 89th StreetS. Shore Drive at 73rd Street
Commercial at 90th StreetS. Shore Drive at 72nd Street
91st Street at HoustonS. Shore Drive at Coles
91st Street at BrandonS. Shore Drive at 71st Street
91st Street at BuffaloS. Shore Drive at 70th Street
Mackinaw at 92nd StreetS. Shore Drive at 69th Street
9320 S EwingS. Shore Drive at 68th Street
Ewing at 94th Street67th Street at Oglesby
Ewing at 95th Street67th Street at Crandon
Ewing at 96th Street67th Street at Paxton
Ewing at 97th Street67th Street at Clyde
Ewing at 98th Street67th Street at Jeffery
Ewing at 99th StreetMichigan at Roosevelt
Ewing at IndianapolisMichigan at 11th Street
Ewing at 102nd StreetMichigan at 9th Street
Ewing at 103rd StreetMichigan at 8th Street
Ewing at 104th StreetMichigan at Balbo
Ewing at 105th StreetMichigan at Ida B Wells Drive
Ewing at 106th StreetMichigan at Jackson
106th Street at Avenue MMichigan at Monroe
106th Street at Avenue OMichigan at Madison
106th Street at MackinawMichigan at Randolph
3033 E 106th StreetMichigan at South Water
106th Street at MuskegonMichigan at E. Wacker
2800 E 106th StreetMichigan at Hubbard (Tribune Bldg.)
106th Street at TorrenceMichigan at Grand
Torrence at 105th StreetMichigan at Ontario
Torrence at 104th StreetMichigan at Huron
103rd Street at BensleyMichigan at Chicago
103rd Street at OglesbyChicago at Mies Van Der Rohe
103rd Street at Luella
103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.