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 •  15-Jeffery Local

Southbound to Stony Island Garage Terminal on 103rd StreetNorthbound to 47th Red Line Station
47th Red Line Station103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal
Wells at 47th Street103rd Street at Luella
Wells at 48th Place103rd Street at Oglesby
Wells at 50th StreetYates at 103rd Street
51st Street at WentworthYates at 102nd Street
51st Street at FederalYates at 101st Street
51st Street at State100th Street at Yates
51st Street at Wabash100th Street at Oglesby
51st Street at Michigan100th Street at Crandon
51st Street at Indiana100th Street at Luella
51st Green Line Station100th Street at Paxton
51st Street at King Drive100th Street at Clyde
51st Street at ForrestvilleVan Vlissingen at 99th Street
51st Street at St. LawrenceJeffery at 98th Street
51st Street at ChamplainJeffery at 97th Street
51st Street at EvansJeffery at 96th Street
51st Street at Cottage GroveJeffery at 95th Street
51st Street at Drexel SquareJeffery at 93rd Street
E Hyde Park at DrexelJeffery at 92nd Street
E Hyde Park at Ellis Jeffery at 91st Street
E Hyde Park at WoodlawnJeffery at 90th Street
E Hyde Park at KimbarkJeffery at 89th Street
E Hyde Park at KenwoodJeffery at 88th Street
E Hyde Park at DorchesterJeffery at 87th Street
E Hyde Park at BlackstoneJeffery at 86th Street
E Hyde Park at Lake ParkJeffery at 85th Street
Lake Park at 52nd StreetJeffery at Anthony
Lake Park at 53rd StreetJeffery at 83rd Street/South Chicago
Lake Park at 54th StreetJeffery at 82nd Street
Lake Park at 55th StreetJeffery at 81st Street
Lake Park at 56th StreetJeffery at 80th Street
Stony Island at 56th StreetJeffery at 79th Street
Stony Island at 57th StreetJeffery at 78th Street
Stony Island at 59th StreetJeffery at 77th Street
Stony Island at 60th StreetJeffery at 76th Street
Stony Island at 61st StreetJeffery at 75th Street
Stony Island at 62nd StreetJeffery at 74th Street
Stony Island at 63rd StreetJeffery at 73rd Street
Stony Island at 64th StreetJeffery at 72nd Street
Stony Island at 65th StreetJeffery at 71st Street
67th Street at CornellJeffery at 70th Street
67th Street at East EndJeffery at 69th Street
67th Street at CregierJeffery at 68th Street
67th Street at Bennett67th Street at Jeffery
Jeffery at 67th Street67th Street at Bennett
Jeffery at 68th Street67th Street at Cregier
Jeffery at 69th Street67th Street at East End
Jeffery at 70th Street67th Street at Cornell Drive
Jeffery at 71st StreetStony Island at 65th Street
Jeffery at 72nd StreetStony Island at 64th Street
Jeffery at 73rd StreetStony Island at 63rd Street
Jeffery at 74th StreetStony Island at 62nd Street
Jeffery at 75th StreetStony Island at 60th Street
Jeffery at 76th StreetStony Island at 59th Street
Jeffery at 77th Street5800 S Stony Island
Jeffery at 78th StreetStony Island at 57th Drive
Jeffery at 79th StreetStony Island at 56th Street
Jeffery at 80th StreetLake Park at 56th Street
Jeffery at 81st StreetLake Park at 55th Street
Jeffery at 82nd StreetLake Park at 54th Street
Jeffery at 83rd Street/South ChicagoLake Park at 53rd Street
Jeffery at AnthonyLake Park at 52nd Street
Jeffery at 85th StreetE Hyde Park at Lake Park
Jeffery at 86th StreetEast Hyde Park at Blackstone
Jeffery at 87th StreetE Hyde Park at Dorchester
Jeffery at 88th StreetE Hyde Park at Kenwood
Jeffery at 89th StreetE Hyde Park at Kimbark
Jeffery at 90th StreetE Hyde Park at Woodlawn
Jeffery at 91st StreetE Hyde Park at Ellis
Jeffery at 92nd StreetE Hyde Park at Drexel
Jeffery at 93rd Street51st Street at Cottage Grove
Jeffery at 95th Street51st Street at Evans
Jeffery at 96th Street51st Street at Champlain
Jeffery at 97th Street51st Street at St. Lawrence
Jeffery at 98th Street51st Street at Forrestville
Van Vlissingen at 99th Street51st Street at King Drive
100th Street at Clyde51st Street at King Drive
100th Street at Paxton51st Green Line Station
100th Street at Luella51st Street at Indiana
100th Street at Crandon51st Street at Michigan
100th Street at Yates51st Street at Wabash
Yates at 101st Street51st Street at State
Yates at 102nd Street51st Street at Federal
Yates at 103rd StreetWentworth at 51st Street
103rd Street at Oglesby47th Red Line Station
103rd Street at Luella
103rd Street at Stony Island Garage Terminal

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