Chicago CTA

 •  134-Stockton/LaSalle Express

Stop List
Route Vehicles
Southbound to S. Wacker on AdamsNorthbound to Belmont on Sheridan
Sheridan at BriarFranklin at Jackson
Sheridan at BarryLasalle at Quincy
Sheridan at WellingtonLasalle at Madison
Sheridan at OakdaleLasalle at Randolph
Sheridan at SurfLasalle at Wacker
Sheridan at DiverseyWacker (Upper) at State
Stockton at WrightwoodWacker (Upper) at Michigan
Stockton at RoslynWacker (Upper) at Columbus
Stockton at ArlingtonStockton at Arlington
Wacker (Upper) at ColumbusStockton at Roslyn
Wacker (Upper) at StetsonStockton at Wrightwood
Wacker (Upper) at MichiganSheridan at Diversey
Wacker at StateSheridan at Surf
Lasalle at Wacker/LakeSheridan at Oakdale
Lasalle at Randolph/WashingtonSheridan at Wellington
Lasalle at MadisonSheridan at Barry
Lasalle at AdamsSheridan at Briar
Adams at WellsSheridan at Belmont
Adams at S. Wacker

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