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 •  119-Michigan/119th

Southbound to 119th Street Terminal on WesternNorthbound to 95th Red Line Station
95th Red Line StationWestern at 119th Street Terminal
95th Street at Michigan119th Street at Western
Michigan at 96th Street119th Street at Bell
Michigan at 97th Street119th Street at Vincennes
Michigan at 98th Street119th at Division
Michigan at 99th Street119th Street at Page
Michigan at 100th Street119th Street at Marshfield
Michigan at 101st Street119th Street at Justine
Michigan at 102nd Street119th Street at Laflin
Michigan at 103rd Street119th Street at Loomis
Michigan at 104th Street119th Street at Elizabeth
Michigan at 105th Street119th Street at Morgan
10600 S Michigan119th Street at Peoria
Michigan at 107th Street119th Street at Halsted
Michigan at 108th Street119th Street at Union
Michigan at 109th Street119th Street at Wallace
Michigan at 110th Street119th Street at Normal
Michigan at 111th Street119th Street at Stewart
Michigan at 112th Street119th Street at Princeton
Michigan at 113th Street119th Street at Wentworth
Michigan at 114th Street119th Street at Perry
Michigan at 115th Street119th Street at State
Michigan at KensingtonMichigan at 119th Street
Michigan at 116th StreetMichigan at 118th Street
Michigan at 117th StreetMichigan at 117th Street
Michigan at 118th StreetMichigan at 116th Street
Michigan at 119th StreetMichigan at Kensington
119th Street at StateMichigan at 115th Street
119th Street at PerryMichigan at 114th Street
119th Street at WentworthMichigan at 113th Street
119th Street at PrincetonMichigan at 112th Street
119th Street at StewartMichigan at 111th Street
119th Street at NormalMichigan at 110th Street
119th Street at WallaceMichigan at 109th Street
119th Street at UnionMichigan at 108th Street
119th Street at HalstedMichigan at 107th Street
119th Street at Peoria10600 S Michigan
119th Street at MorganMichigan at 105th Street
119th Street at ElizabethMichigan at 104th Street
119th Street at LoomisMichigan at 103rd Street
119th Street at LaflinMichigan at 102nd Street
119th Street at AshlandMichigan at 101st Street
119th Street at MarshfieldMichigan at 100th Street
119th Street at PageMichigan at 99th Street
1916 W 119th StreetMichigan at 98th Street
119th Street at VincennesMichigan at 97th Street
119th Street at BellMichigan at 96th Street
Western at 119th Street Terminal95th Street at Michigan
95th Red Line Station

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.