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 •  1-Bronzeville/Union Station

Southbound to 34th Street on MichiganNorthbound to Canal on Jackson
Jackson at CanalIndiana at 35th Street
Jackson at Chicago RiverIndiana at 34th Street
Jackson at FranklinIndiana at 33rd Boulevard
Jackson at Financial PlaceIndiana at 32nd Street
Jackson at DearbornIndiana at 31st Street
Jackson at State3000 S Michigan
Jackson at WabashMichigan at 29th Street
Michigan at Van Buren/CongressMichigan at 28th Street
Michigan at HarrisonMichigan at 26th Street
Michigan at BalboMichigan at 25th Street
Michigan at 8th StreetMichigan at 24th Street
Michigan at 9th StreetMichigan at 23rd Street
Michigan at 11th StreetMichigan at Cermak
Michigan at RooseveltMichigan at 21st Street
Michigan at 13th StreetMichigan at Cullerton
Michigan at 14th StreetMichigan at 18th Street
Michigan at 16th StreetMichigan at 16th Street
Michigan at 18th StreetMichigan at 14th Street
Michigan at CullertonMichigan at 13th Street
Michigan at 21st StreetMichigan at Roosevelt
Michigan at CermakMichigan at 11th Street
Michigan at 23rd StreetMichigan at 9th Street
Michigan at 24th StreetMichigan at 8th Street
Michigan at 25th StreetMichigan at Balbo
Michigan at 26th StreetMichigan at Ida B Wells Drive
Michigan at 28th StreetMichigan at Van Buren
Michigan at 29th StreetAdams at Wabash
3000 S MichiganAdams at State
Michigan at 31st StreetAdams at Clark
Michigan at 32nd StreetAdams at Wells
Michigan at 33rd StreetAdams at S. Wacker
Michigan at 34th StreetJackson at Canal

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TransSee by Darwin O'Connor. Follow on Twitter.