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 •  5-Crosstown: Oakley - Sharonville

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Blue Ash - to Oakley Transit CenterBlue Ash - to Sharonville Plaza
Sharonville KrogerOakley Transit Center Shelter 4
Lebanon Rd at Cottingham DrMarburg Ave at Center Of Cinci
Lenanon Rd at Crystalview Ct3325 Alamo Ave
Lebanon at Sharon Park SouthboundRidge Rd at Calvert St
Lebanon Rd at Kemper RdRidge Ave at Value City
Lebanon Rd at Pine AveRidge Rd at Highland Ave
Lebanon Rd at Reading RdKennedy Ave at Highland Ave
Cornell Rd at Reading RdKennedy Ave at Kenoak Ln
Cornell Rd at Malaer DrKennedy at Congreve
Cornell Rd at Hawk StKennedy Ave at Dickens Ave
Cornell Rd at Swing RdKennedy Ave at Woodford Rd
Reed Hartman Hwy at Cornell Rd6110 Kennedy Ave
Cornell Park Dr at Reed Hartman HwyKennedy Ave at Ravenwood Ave
Cornell Park Dr at Cornell RdKennedy Ave at Zinsle Ave
11083 KenwoodMontgomery Rd at Mchugh Pl
Osborne at Reed Hartman WestboundMontgomery Rd at Hampton Dr
Reed Hartman Hwy at Creek Rd6936 Montgomery Rd
Reed Hartman Hwy at Lake Forest Dr-southboundMontgomery Rd at Highland Ave
4480 Lake Forest DrMontgomery Rd at Parkview Ln
Summit Pl at Summit PkwyMontgomery Rd at Alpine Ave
Gateway Pl at Sycamore Creek6930 Plainfield Rd
Carver Woods at County CoronerPlainfield Rd at North St
9987 Carver RdPlainfield Rd at Webster Ave
Reed Hartman and Malsbary SouthboundPlainfield Rd at Landsdowne Ave
Plainfield at Cooper SouthboundPlainfield Rd at St Johns Ter
Uc Blue AshPlainfield Rd at Matson Ave
Plainfield Rd at Georgetown RdPlainfield Rd at Schneck Ave
Plainfield Rd at Crossgate SqPlainfield Rd at Linden Ave
Plainfield Rd at Larchview DrPlainfield Rd at Kugler Mill Rd
8711 Plainfield Rd8568 Plainfield Rd
8560 Plainfield Rd8714 Plainfield Rd
Plainfield Rd at Kugler Mill RdPlainfield Rd at Rossplain Rd
Plainfield Rd at Linden AvePlainfield Rd at Ronald Reagan Hwy
Plainfield Rd at Oakwood AvePlainfield Rd at Hunt Rd
Plainfield Rd at Schenck AvePlainfield Rd at Georgetown Rd
Plainfield Rd at Matson AveUc Blue Ash
Plainfield Rd at St Johns TerCooper Rd at Plainfield Rd
Plainfield Rd at Landsdowne AveMalsbary Rd at Carver Rd
Plainfield Rd at Webster Ave9982 Carver Rd
Plainfield Rd at North StCarver Woods at County Coroner
6962 Planifield RdGateway Pl at Sycamore Creek
Montgomery Rd at Alpine AveSummit Pl at Summit Pkwy
Montgomery Rd at Parkview Ln4445 Lake Forest Dr.
Montgomery Rd at Park AveReed Hartman Hwy at Lake Forest Dr
Montgomery Rd at Siebern AveReed Hartman Hwy at Creek Rd
Montgomery Rd at Belkenton AveOsborne at Reed Hartman Eastbound
Montgomery Rd at Ravenal Ct11100 Kenwood
Montgomery Rd at Kennedy AveCornell Park Dr at Cornell Rd
6404 Kennedy AveCornell Park Dr at Reed Hartman Highway
Kennedy Ave at Ravenwood AveReed Hartman Hwy at Cornell Rd
Kennedy Ave at Woodford RdCornell Rd at Swing Rd
Kennedy Ave at Dickens AveCornell Rd at Hawk St
Kennedy at RobisonCornell Rd at Malaer Dr
Kennedy Ave at View Pointe DrLebanon Rd at Reading Rd
Kennedy Ave at Wal MarkLenanon Rd at Pine Ave
Kennedy Ave at Highland AveLebanon Rd at Kemper Rd
Highland Ave at Kennedy AveLebanon at Sharon Park Northbound
Ridge Rd at Highland AveLebanon Rd at Crystalview Ct
Ridge Ave at Value CitySharonville Kroger
Ridge Ave at Calvert St
Ridge Ave at Ibsen Ave
Oakley Transit Center Shelter 4

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