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 •  19-Colerain Avenue

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Colerain Avenue - to DowntownColerain Avenue - to Northgate
Ctc LayoverGovernment Square Area B
Colerain Rd at Haverkos CtMain Mid 6th at 7th
Colerain Rd at Springdale RdMain St at 9th St
9343 Colerain AveMain St at Court St
Colerain Ave at Round Top RdMain St at Reading Rd
Colerain Ave at Poole RdMain St at 13th St
8800 Colerain AveMain St at Orchard St
Colerain Ave at Sovereign DrLiberty St at Sycamore St
8340 Colerain AveLiberty Hill at Young St
Colerain Ave at Galbraith RdLiberty Hill at Highland Ave
Colerain Ave at Sheldon AveHighland Ave at Boal St
Colerain Ave at Harry Lee LnHighland Ave at Ringgold St
Colerain Ave at Jonrose AveDorchester Ave at Alvin St
Colerain Ave at Cameo LnDorchester Ave at Josephine St
6999 Colerain AveDorchester Ave at Bigelow St
6831 Colerain AveAuburn Ave at Bodmann Ave
Colerain Ave at Lapland DrAuburn Ave at Mason St
Colerain Ave at Earl AveAuburn Ave at Earnshaw Ave
5939 Colerain AveAuburn Ave at Mcgregor Ave
Colerain Ave at Kipling AveAuburn Ave at Mccormick Pl
Colerain Ave at Robers AveAuburn Ave at Mcmillan St
Colerain Ave at Allaire AveEuclid Ave at Taft Rd
Colerain Ave at Mt Airy AveCorry St at Vine St
Colerain Ave at Kirby RdCorry St at Jefferson Ave
Colerain Ave at North Bend RdJefferson Ave at Charlton St
Colerain Ave at Bahama TerJefferson Ave at University Ave
Colerain Ave at Shepherd Rd2930 Jefferson Ave
5319 Colerain AveVine St at Martin Luther King Dr
Colerain Ave at Hawaiian TerNixon St at Vine St
Colerain Ave at Blue Spruce RdNixon St at Jefferson Ave
Colerain Ave at Highforest LnJefferson Ave at Bishop St
Colerain Ave at Raeburn DrLudlow Ave at Brookline Ave
Colerain Ave at Tranquility Ln252 Ludlow Ave
4500 Colerain AveLudlow Ave at Telford St
Colerain Ave at West Fork RdLudlow Ave at Middleton Ave
Colerain Ave at Kirby AveLudlow Ave at Whitfield Ave
Blue Rock Rd at Colerain AveLudlow Ave at Lyleburn Pl
Blue Rock Rd at Apple StLudlow Ave at Morrison Pl
Blue Rock Rd at Hamilton AveLudlow Ave at Old Ludlow Ave
Northside Transit Center - Shelter CLudlow Ave at Clifton Hills Ave
Ludlow Ave at Rue De LpaixLudlow Ave at Lafayette Ave
Ludlow Ave at Lafayette AveLudlow Ave at Rue De Lpaix
Ludlow Ave at Clifton Hills AveNorthside Transit Center - Shelter F
Ludlow Ave at Old Ludlow AveBlue Rock St at Turrill St
Ludlow Ave at Morrison PlBlue Rock St at Colerain Ave
Ludlow Ave at Sherlock AveColerain Ave at Gordon Ave
Ludlow Ave at Whitfield AveColerain Ave at Florida Ave
Ludlow Ave at Middleton AveColerain Ave at Virginia Ave
Ludlow Ave at Ormond Ave4510 Colerain Ave
275 Ludlow Ave4584 Colerain Ave
Ludlow Ave at Brookline AveColerain Ave at Tranquillity Ln
Jefferson Ave at Bishop StColerain Ave at Raeburn Dr
Jefferson Ave at Nixon StColerain Ave at Highforest Ln
Nixon St at Vine StColerain Ave at Blue Spruce Rd
Vine St at Martin Luther King DrColerain Ave at Hawaiian Ter
Jefferson Ave at University Ave5312 Colerain Ave
Jefferson Ave at Charlton StColerain Ave at Bahama Ter
Corry St at Vine StColerain Ave at North Bend Rd
Euclid Avenue at Taft Road5600 Colerain Ave
Auburn Ave at Mcmillan StColerain Ave at Goldenrod Dr
Auburn Ave at Mccormick PlColerain Ave at Allaire Ave
Auburn Ave at Mcgregor Ave5747 Colerain Ave
Auburn Ave at Earnshaw AveColerain Ave at Kipling Ave
Auburn Ave at Bodmann AveColerain Ave at Blue Rock Rd
Dorchester Ave at Bigelow StColerain Ave at Byrnside Dr
Dorchester Ave at Young StColerain Ave at Lapland Dr
Dorchester Ave at Alvin StColerain Ave at Preserve Ln
Highland Ave at Ringgold StColerain Ave at Banning Rd
Highland Ave at Boal StColerain Ave at Jonrose Ave
Highland Ave at Liberty HillColerain Ave at Harry Lee Ln
Liberty Hill at Cumber StColerain Rd at Sheldon Ave
Liberty St at Sycamore StColerain Rd at Galbraith Rd
Walnut St at 14th St8250 Colerain Rd
Walnut St at 13th StColerain Rd at Sovereign Dr
Walnut St at Central PkwyColerain Ave at Joseph Rd
Walnut St at Court StColerain Ave at Sunnyside Dr
Walnut St at 8th StColerain Ave at Poole Rd
Government Square Area BColerain Ave at Round Top Dr
9336 Colerain Ave
Colerain Rd at Mall Dr
9574 Colerain Ave
Colerain Ave at Redskin Dr
Ctc Layover

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