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 •  1-Parx Casino to 54th-City

 •  2-20-Johnston to Pulaski-Hntg Park

 •  3-33rd-Cecil B. Moore to FTC

 •  4-Broad-Pattison to Fern Rock TC

 •  5-Front-Market to Frankford TC

 •  6-Cheltenham-Ogontz to Olney TC

 •  7-Pier 70 to 33rd-Dauphin

 •  8-Olney TC to Frankford TC

 •  9-4th-Walnut to Andorra

 •  10-13th-Market to 63rd-Malvern*

 •  11-13th-Market to Darby Trans Cntr*

 •  12-Columbus-Dock to 50th-Woodland

 •  13-13th-Market to Yeadon-Darby TC*

 •  14-FTC to Nesh/Oxford Valley Malls

 •  15-63rd-Girard to Richmond-Westmorelnd*

 •  16-City Hall to Cheltenham-Ogontz

 •  17-Front-Mkt to 20-Johnston/Broad-Pat

 •  18-Fox Chase to Cedarbrook Plaza

 •  19-Torresdale Station to FTC

 •  20-Philadelphia Mills to FTC

 •  21-Penns Landing to 69th St TC

 •  22-Warminster & Willow Grove to OTC

 •  23-11th Market to Chestnut Hill

 •  24-Southampton & Rockledge to FTC

 •  25-FTC to Columbus Commons

 •  26-FTC to Chelten Av Station

 •  27-Broad-Carpenter to PlymouthMtgMall

 •  28-Fern Rock TC to Torresdale-Cottman

 •  29-Pier 70 to 33rd-Dickinson

 •  30-Amtrak 30th St Sta to 69th St TC

 •  31-City Hall to 76th-City

 •  32-Broad-Carpenter to Ridge-Lyceum

 •  33-5th-Market to 23rd-Venango

 •  34-13th-Market to 61st-Baltimore*

 •  35-Manayunk Roxborough Loop

 •  36-13th-Market to 80th-Eastwick*

 •  36B-13th-Market to 80th-Eastwick

 •  37-ChesterTC to Broad-Snyder

 •  38-5th-Market to Wissahickon TC

 •  39-Richmond-Cumberland to 33rd-Dauphin

 •  40-2nd-Lombard to Conshohocken-Monumnt

 •  42-Penns Landing to Wycombe or61stPine

 •  43-Richmond-Cumberland to 50th-Parksde

 •  44-5th-Market to Ardmore

 •  45-Broad & Oregon to Noble & 12th

 •  46-58th-Baltimore to 63rd-Malvern

 •  47-Whitman Plaza to 5th-Godfrey

 •  47M-Whitmn Plz to 7th-Spg Grd via 9thSt

 •  48-Front-Market to 27th-Allegheny

 •  49-33rd-Dauphin to 29th-Snyder

Route 50

 •  50-Parx Casino via Phila Mills to FTC

 •  52-49th-Wdland to 54th-City/50th-PrkSd

 •  53-Wayne-Carpenter to Broad-Hunting Pk

 •  54-Richmond-Cambria to 33rd-Dauphin

 •  55-Willow Grove & Doylestown to OTC

 •  56-23rd-Venango to Torresdale-Cottman

 •  57-WhitmanPlaza to RisingSun-Olney&FTC

 •  58-Neshaminy Mall & Somerton to FTC

 •  59-Castor-Bustleton to Arrott TC

 •  60-35th-Allegheny to Rich-Westmoreland

 •  61-9th-Market to Manayunk

 •  62-9th-Market to Andorra

 •  64-50th-Parkside to Pier 70

 •  65-Germantown-Chelten to 69th St TC

 •  66-Frankfd TC to Frankford-Knights

 •  67-Phila Mills & Bustleton to FTC

 •  68-Broad-Oregon to UPS & 69th St TC

 •  70-Fkd-Gregg/Torr-Cottmn to FRTC

 •  73-FTC to Richmond-Westmoreland

 •  75-Wayne Junction to Arrott Trans Ctr

 •  77-Roosevelt-St Vincent to ChestntHill

 •  78-Express Cornwells Hgts to Ctr City

 •  79-Columbus Commons to 29th-Snyder

 •  80-Express Horsham to Olney TC

 •  84-Bustleton-CoLine&Phila Mills to FTC

 •  88-Bethayres & Frankford-Gregg to FTC

 •  89-Front-Dauphin to Arrott TC

 •  90-Plymouth Mtng. to Norristown TC

 •  91-Graterford to Norristown TC

 •  92-Exton to King of Prussia

 •  93-Pottstown to Norristown TC

 •  94-Montgomery Mall to Chestnut Hill

 •  95-Gulph Mills to Willow Grove Mall

 •  96-Lansdale to Norristown TC

 •  97-Chestnut Hill to Norristown TC

 •  98-Plymouth Mtng to Norristown TC

 •  99-Phoenixville to Norristown TC

Route 101

 •  101-Media to 69th St TC*

 •  102-Sharon Hill to 69th St TC*

 •  103-Ardmore to 69th St TC

 •  104-West Chester U to 69th St TC

 •  105-Rosemont to 69th St TC

 •  106-Paoli to 69th St TC

 •  107-Lawrence Park to 69th St TC

 •  108-UPS or Airport to 69th St TC

 •  109-Chester TC to 69th St TC

 •  110-Penn State U to 69th St TC

 •  111-Chadds Ford to 69th St TC

 •  112-DCCC to 69th St TC

 •  113-CLAYMONT TC to 69th St TC

 •  114-Wawa Railroad Station to Darby TC

 •  115-DCCC & Darby TC to Airport

 •  117-Penn State U to I-95 Industrial Pk

 •  118-Newtown Square to Chester TC

 •  119-Cheyney U to Chester TC

 •  120-Cheyney U to 69th St TC

 •  123-King of Prussia to 69th St TC

 •  124-Chesterbrook to 13th & Market

 •  125-Valley Forge to 13th-Market

 •  126-Lawrence Park via Manoa to 69th

 •  127-Trenton TC to Oxford Valley Mall

 •  128-Neshaminy to Oxford Valley Mall

 •  129-Frankford-Knights to Oxford Valley

 •  130-BCCC to Frankford & Knights

 •  131-Audubon to Norristown TC

 •  132-Telford to Montgomery Mall

 •  133-Frankford & Knights to Bensalem

 •  135-West Chester to Coatesville

 •  139-Limerick to King of Prussia

 •  150-Parx Casino to Plymouth Meeting

 •  201-Ft Wash Office Ctr to Fort Wash Sta

 •  204-Eagleview to Paoli Train Station

 •  206-Commons at Great Vly to Paoli Sta

 •  310-Horsham Breeze Red

 •  311-Horsham Breeze Blue

 •  406-West Phila to 67th-Elmwood

 •  409-59th-Balitmore to 84th-Crane

 •  411-SouthWest Phila to 46th-Ludlow

 •  415-46th-Ludlow to SouthWest Phila

 •  426-Torrsdl-Brdg to 10th-Lycomng

 •  428-Richmnd-Vnango to 10th-Lycomng

 •  433-Castr-Cottmn to 10th-Lycomng

 •  438-Germantown to Upper Roxborough

 •  439-Germantown to Roxborough

 •  441-Andorra/Roxborough to Broad-Vine

 •  442-Henry-Roberts to Barren Hill

 •  445-Roxborough to Frankford TC

 •  446-Henry-Cinnamnsn to Junpr-Commrce

 •  447-Frankford TC to Henry-Cinnamnsn

 •  448-Broad-Vine to Upper Roxborough

 •  450-Frankfrd-Lindn to Bustltn-Verree

 •  452-Acdmy-Medfrd to Bustltn-Verree

 •  461-Bustleton-Verree to Acdmy-Chalfnt

 •  462-Welsh-Bridal to Acadmy-Chalfnt

 •  475-Bustltn-County Ln to Verree-Marchmn

 •  476-Southmptn-Blvd to Verree-Marchmn

 •  477-Acadmy-Comly to Verree-Marchmn

 •  478-Welsh-Blvd to Verree-Marchmn

 •  484-Holy Redmr Hosptl to Cottmn-Torrsdl

 •  490-FoxChase Lp to Verree-Marchmn

 •  492-Bustltn-Rennrd to Verree-Marchmn

 •  495-SHmtn-Wrtgtn to 10th-Lycomng

 •  BLVDDIR-Blvd Direct Nshmny Mall to FTC

 •  BSL-NRG Station to Fern Rock TC

 •  BSO-Midnight-5am Service (Bus) for BSL

 •  G-Overbk/LankMC to ColCom/FdDstCtr

 •  H-Broad-Erie to Cheltenham-Ogontz-H

 •  J-Chelten-Wisshkn to Richmond-Orthodx

 •  K-Ridge-Midvale to Arrott TC

 •  L-ChestnutHill/PlymouthMtgMall to OTC

 •  LUCYGO-Gold Loop through University City

 •  LUCYGR-Green Loop through University City

 •  MFL-Frankford TC to 69th St TC

 •  MFO-Midnight-5am Service (Bus) for MFL

 •  R-Henry-Mid or WissTC to FrankfordTC

 •  XH-Broad-Erie to Cheltenham-Ogontz-XH

Agencies » Philadelphia SEPTA Rail

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 •  Airport Line

 •  Chestnut Hill East Line

 •  Chestnut Hill West Line

 •  Fox Chase Line

 •  Lansdale/Doylestown Line

 •  Media/Wawa Line

 •  Manayunk/Norristown Line

 •  Paoli/Thorndale Line

 •  Trenton Line

 •  Warminster Line

 •  Wilmington/Newark Line

 •  West Trenton Line

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